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Your attention is needed!

This section will be particularly active during our State’s legislative session, which runs from January to March. It is my intention to keep you updated on decisions and votes that are pending on the House and Senate floors that can make a huge difference in funding for individuals special needs and their support programs.

For those of you who have family members who were affected by the MedWaiver Teir reassignments last fall, please stay tuned to this blog topic for the latest information and for instructions on what YOU can do to support or defend decisions being made in Tallahassee. Your voices need to be heard! I will also blog on Federal legislation as well, when that information is available.

If you are interested on a particular legislative topic related to disability services, please submit your comments and I will do my best to seek follow-up information.

Kameron Partridge, Ph.D.

Vice President of Programs & Services