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Are you caretaking for an individual with disabilities? What do YOU need? Act now!

At first glance of this blog entry’s title, you may be thinking that I am asking you to let Easter Seals know what you need. And while that assumption deserves a resounding “Yes! Please do let us know what you need!,” I am also here to tell you that many other local agencies and entities in our community need to hear from you, caregivers – right now – in regards to how we can make your life run a little smoother, your stressors be a little less overwhelming, and hopefully your family a bit more cohesive and happy.

Sound like a good thing? We agree!

The Community Alliance of Sarasota County’s Developmental Disabilities Committee is currently conducting an anonymous online Needs Assessment Survey (see link below) so that community-based agencies like Easter Seals, Community Haven, Loveland Center, United Cerebral Palsy, Family Network on Disabilities, The Florida Center, Children’s Medical Services, Manasota ARC, and many others can design programs and services tailored to our families’ needs. Families like yours!

Anecdotally, human service non-profits are inundated with stories from the families we serve about their needs, their stressors, their struggles, and also (my favorite part), their triumphs! But these are just stories; however they are stories that are vitally important to share with our community and with our funders and supporters. Your life’s stories of your challenges, opportunities, and success have never been more important than they are today because of the decreased funding for social services across the state.

Agencies like Easter Seals and our community’s other non-profit human service agencies must use YOUR stories and experiences to advocate for the services you and your family need. PLEASE take the 15 minutes the survey will require of your time. Trust me, your input truly matters and will make a difference, as the disability service providers in your community advocate for the services you need and the life you want, both for yourself and your loved ones.

Click here to take the 15 minute, anonymous survey: you!

Thank You!