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Minding the Gap…

What happens when a family’s insurance coverage is just not enough to cover the need?

What happens when a child with special needs misses out on pediatric therapies during those critical first five years?

What happens now that many children with Down syndrome and cerebral palsy are outliving their parents?

Your sponsorship of a person with developmental delays or disabilities makes the difference in whether he or she achieves important milestones.  You can invest in lives well lived at Easter Seals.  Help their abilities shine.

Contact Ashley Danielson at or by calling 941-355-7637 ext 404.  Thank you!


The Lily School for Child Development

1 year olds      $1,967/year or $163.92/month

Infants             $2,605/year or $217.08/month

Children’s Therapy – early intervention, speech/language, occupational therapy

$2,515.68/year or $209.64/month per child 

Project Rainbow Children’s Respite

$1,234.44/year or $102.87/month

 VIP Academy – Teens

$4,460/year or $371.67/month

Adults – Life Skills Development Program

1:10 ratio        $450/year

1:5 ratio          $1,870/year or $155.83/month

1:3 ratio          $2,602/year or $216.83/month