Neurofeedback by The Brain Wave Center


The Brain Wave Center provides neurofeedback training to the students who attend the Lily School for Child Development. As part of their initiative, The Brain Wave Center has opened a branch location at Easterseals for the convenience of our students and staff. The majority of the children that are positively impacted by neurofeedback meet the criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder.assistive-technology-Brainwaves

The primary goal of partnering with The Brain Wave Center is to help as many children with disabilities as possible using neurofeedback. The Brain Wave Center is also developing a research project to further prove the effectiveness of neurofeedback with children, as part of a comprehensive treatment program.

Working in cooperation with Easterseals, The Brain Wave Center has afforded the opportunity to bring neurofeedback to children that otherwise may not have access to such advanced treatments.


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