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Planned Giving

Some donors provide for help and hope to future generations by making a planned gift. That is, a gift made through a will, trust, annuity, insurance policy, retirement plan, etc. Some of these vehicles for planned giving can offer you retirement income or other benefits. Options to consider:

  • Name Easter Seals Southwest Florida in your Will or Living Trust – You will retain control of your assets and your heirs may experience tax benefits from your charitable gift.
  • Create a charitable trust – A Charitable Remainder Trust allows you to receive lifetime income and then will support Easter Seals Southwest Florida when it matures. A Charitable Lead Trust allows Easter Seals Southwest Florida to receive a steady stream of income during your life, then can go to your heirs when mature.
  • Buy a charitable gift annuity – Easter Seals Southwest Florida can offer charitable gift annuities that allow you to receive a steady income stream then make a gift to the organization when the annuity matures.
  • Give a gift of life insurance — Your paid-in-full life insurance policy may be used to create a current gift to the organization. This gift can help your heirs save on income taxes.
  • Designate Easter Seals Southwest Florida as a beneficiary — Designate Easter Seals Southwest Florida as a beneficiary of your retirement plan or 401(k). Your heirs may receive a tax benefit when you make a gift of these assets.
  • Make a gift of stock — You may save on capital gains taxes when you donate highly appreciated securities or use them to create a charitable remainder trust.
  • Donate real or personal property — To donate real or personal property and to discuss these gifts please contact the Easterseals Chief Executive Officer, Tom Waters at 941-355-7637 extension 402 or fill out the form below.