ADDRESS: 350 Braden Ave., Sarasota, FL 34243 PHONE: (941) 355-7637 FAX: (941) 358-3069 Office Hours: 7:15 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Our Team

Tom Waters - Chief Executive Officer

Tom Waters, President & CEO,

Patrick Ryan, COO

Debbie Timpone, Executive Assistant to the CEO

Kathy Lussier - Executive Assistant

Kathy Lussier, Administrative Assistant to the CEO

George Pfeiffer, Vice President of Government Relations

Linda Poteat-Brown - HR Director

Linda Poteat-Brown, Vice President of Human Resources

Deborah Weber - HR Assistant

Deborah Weber, Human Resources Administrative Assistant

Jill Gass - Vice President of Philanthropy

Jill Gass, Vice President of Philanthropy

Alex Kryssine - Finance Department

Alex Kryssine, Finance

Nicole Murby, Senior Director of Therapy & Partnerships

Sashi Gundala, Principal, Easterseals Academy

Brittany Bryant - Director of the Lily School and Family Support Services

Brittany Bryant-Swift, Director, Early Childhood Intervention

Pat Sweeney - ES Academy Case Worker

Pat Sweeney, Case Manager, Easterseals Academy

Becky Forest - Director of Adult Services

Becky Forest, Adult Services Director

Katie Carnes - Adults Assistant

Deborah Israel, Adult Services Assistant Director

Don Herndon - Business Development Director

Don Herndon, Business Development Director

Kent Jimison - Development Officer

Kent Jimison, Development Officer

Doug Butcher - IT

Doug Butcher, Director of Support Services

eff Tarbell - Facilities Director

Jeff Tarbell, Director of Facilities & Transportation

Board of Directors

• LaVerne Green, Chair
• Lisa M. Mead, Vice Chair
• Joseph L. Najmy, P.L., Treasurer/Governance
• Stewart Moon, Jr., Secretary
• John Berkey, Immediate Past Chair
• Dave Otterness, Facilities/Master Plan
• Renee Armbruster
• Rae Dowling
• Doug Elmore

• Anthony Ferretti, DO
• Van Franklin• Elaine Gustafson
• Dr. Karen Holbrook
• Robert Huff
• Stan Muessle
• Mary Nastan
• Bill Sutton