ADDRESS: 350 Braden Ave., Sarasota, FL 34243 PHONE: (941) 355-7637 FAX: (941) 358-3069 Office Hours: 7:15 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Our Team

Tom Waters, President & CEO, Email Tom
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Patrick Ryan, COO, Email Patrick
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Debbie Timpone, Executive Assistant to the CEO, Email Debbie
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George Pfeiffer, Vice President of Government Relations, Email George
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Linda Poteat-Brown, Director of Human Resources, Email Linda
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Deborah Weber, Human Resources Administrative Assistant, Email Deborah

Alex Kryssine, Finance, Email Alex

Nicole Murby, Director of Therapy & Partnerships, Email Nicole
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Leatha Pfanmiller, Principal, Easterseals Academy, Email Leatha
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Brittany Bryant, Director, The Lily School for Childhood Development and Family Support Services (formerly Project Rainbow), Email Brittany

Meighen Hopton, Case Manager, Easterseals Academy, Email Meighen

Pat Sweeney, Case Manager, Easterseals Academy, Email Pat

Becky Forest, Adult Services Director, Email Becky

Katie Carnes, Adult Services Assistant Director, Email Katie

Don Herndon, Director of Employment Services, Email Don

Carrie Rasmussen, Community Relation Director, Email Carrie
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Christina Speidel, Grant Manager & Writer, Email Christina

Kent Jimison, Development Officer, Email Kent

Stacy Jernigan, Development Administrative Assistant, Email Stacy

Doug Butcher, IT Manager, Email Doug

Jeff Tarbell, Director of Facilities & Transportation, Email Jeff
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Board of Directors

• John Berkey, Chair
• LaVerne Green, Vice Chair
• Kristin Jensen, Treasurer
• Dave Otterness, Secretary
• Scott Rockwell, Immediate Past Chair
• Farrah Cavus, STAR Student
• Doug Elmore
• Anthony Ferretti, DO
• Van Franklin
• Shirley Garneski

• David Herbert
• Dr. Karen Holbrook
• Robert Huff
• Paul Klick
• Stewart Moon, Jr.
• Stan Muessle
• Joseph Najmy, P.L.
• Mary Nastan
• Kathy Paulsen
• Bill Sutton